Enabling carbon capture and storage

Global Status of CCS

The Global CCS Institute’s annual status report is the world’s most thorough stocktake and analysis of CCS progress. The Global Status of CCS report provides a comprehensive overview of the development of CCS projects and technologies around the world, challenges encountered and actions taken to overcome them.

CCS around the world

CCS is a key technology for reducing greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Progress is being made in various countries in the Americas, Asia and Oceania, Middle East and Africa, and Europe.

Global map of CCS projects

The Institute regularly updates an interactive map of the large-scale integrated CCS projects we have identified around the world. The map can be downloaded.


The openCCS resource provides guidance on the activities to be completed at each stage of a CCS project. The resource has been developed by CCS experts based on best practice and lessons learnt from experience. The aim is to share information and methodologies that will help projects around the world move more quickly to deployment.

Public engagement

Understanding public perceptions of CCS and effectively communicating the risks and benefits of projects is important. To assist in developing a framework for public engagement, the Institute publishes a range of materials that use lessons from CCS case studies and social science research worldwide.

Recent public engagement resources include:

The Institute has a vast global network of CCS practitioners. We publish their insights into CCS public engagement activities, which are based on their experiences and observations.

The latest in CCS

The Institute sometimes issues media releases to inform the general community about CCS issues and activities. We also publish information about the latest news on CCS from media outlets around the world.

Useful publications

The Institute’s publications library comprises hundreds of the most up-to-date, peer reviewed expert technical reports, best practice guides and other resources. They cover all aspects of CCS, including project, policy, financial, legal, regulatory, technical and operational issues.

Recent publications for policymakers and regulators include:

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