Join the Underground: A new campaign to build awareness and support

Join the Underground is a new Global CCS Institute campaign aimed at creating awareness and inspiring debate about carbon capture and storage (CCS).

It forms part of a more contemporary and emboldened approach to communicating the critical role CCS is playing in tackling climate change. 

Being creative and contemporary is essential in communicating CCS - a technology which is clean but largely unseen (because our best work occurs underground).

The campaign has its genesis in research conducted by our Senior Storage Adviser, Dr Chris Consoli, in assessing global CO2 storage capacity. 

This has found that global CO2 storage resources exceed what we need to meet climate change targets. Hence the strapline: "The answer to climate change is right beneath our feet". 

Increasing CCS visibility through a more marketing-driven campaign approach is a key plank in our advocacy and communication strategy. 

This campaign will underscore key messages which are integral to the CCS story - particularly the fact that Paris climate targets cannot be achieved, at least cost, without CCS. 

Best available modelling from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) demonstrates that it will be impossible to deliver the 'well below' Paris 2°C climate goal if CCS is not adopted as a key mitigation option within 5-7 years. 

Our campaign will address common CCS misconceptions, particularly regarding cost and deployment (there are now 17 large-scale CCS facilities in operation with five more coming on-stream this year).  

As our campaign unfolds across key social media platforms, we hope to enlist more support for CCS. 

"Join the Underground" is a call to action. 

It is a call to support CCS as a key part of a full climate change mitigation arsenal.