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The Global Status of CCS: 2012

The Global CCS Institute is pleased to announce the release of The Global Status of CCS: 2012 report.

The annual status of CCS report provides a comprehensive overview of the development of CCS projects and technologies around the world—progress, challenges and recommendations—and of actions taken to assist the demonstration of those technologies at a large scale.

Covering developments from late 2011, until the beginning of September 2012, the report draws on the results of the Institute's annual project survey, which is completed by lead proponents of major CCS projects, interviews with personnel from many of these projects, and research.

The report is intended as a comprehensive reference guide for industry, government, research bodies and the broader community.

Video Topics:

  1. What is the Global Status of CCS Report?
  2. Why is the report important?
  3. How do the findings of the 2012 status report compare with the previous year?
  4. What does CCS need to contribute to the low-carbon economy in the future?
  5. How is CCS tracking towards the 2015 target and what needs to happen beyond that?
  6. What should governments be doing at this point?
  7. How well does the general community understand CCS technology?
  8. What are the bright spots in terms of what governments have done during the past year?
  9. What progress has been made in the developing world?
  10. How significant are the CCS developments that have occurred in China?
  11. What should be done to encourage the swift capture and efficient use of CCS expertise and knowledge around the world?

Brad Page, CEO of the Global CCS Institute talks about the Status Report.



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Summary Reports

Summary reports of the Global Status of CCS: 2012 provide a brief overview of the major topics covered in the complete report. They are now available in several languages below:

Chinese Flag 全球碳捕集与封存现状 - 总结报告:2012 (Chinese)
Japanese Flag 世界のCCSの動向:2012年 (Japanese)
South Korean Flag 요약 보고서 –세계 CCS 동향: 2012 (Korean)


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