Webinar Series: Public engagement, education and outreach for CCS. Part 3: Can’t see it, can’t understand it? Engaging the imagination on CO2 storage

Organisation: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC), Schlumberger



The third webinar in the public engagement, education and outreach for CCS Series digged deeper, perhaps multiple kilometres deeper, to explore successful methods for engaging the public on the often misunderstood topic of carbon (CO2) storage.

Forget bad experiences of high school geology, we kick-started our 2017 webinar program with three ‘rock stars’ of CO2 storage communication –  Dr Linda Stalker, Science Director of  Australia’s National Geosequestration Laboratory, Lori Gauvreau, Communication and Engagement Specialist for Schlumberger Carbon Services, and Norm Sacuta, Communication Manager at the Petroleum Technology Research Centre who all joined Kirsty Anderson, the Institute’s Senior Advisor on Public Engagement, to discuss the challenges of communicating about CO2 storage. They shared tips, tools and some creative solutions for getting people engaged with this topic.

This entire Webinar Series has been designed to hear directly from the experts and project practitioners researching and delivering public engagement, education and outreach best practice for carbon capture and storage. This third webinar was less focused on research and more on the real project problems and best practice solutions. It is a must for anyone interested in science communication/education and keen to access resources and ideas to make their own communications more engaging.

Here is a recording of the webinar and a browsable version of the slides used in the presentation: