Candidates should take note of 3M pro-EPA comments -- enviros

Organisation: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The 3 million comments in support of U.S. EPA's proposed greenhouse gas rule for future power plants should drive home to candidates on the campaign trail that voters support action to curb emissions, proponents of the rule said today. A coalition of environmentalists and public health advocates has continued to rustle up supportive comments for the rule even though the agency's public comment period closed in June, in part to urge candidates and elected officials to address climate change, said Navin Nayak, senior vice president for campaigns at the League of Conservation Voters. Supporters of the carbon rule have long since broken the record for the most comments on an EPA rule, which was previously held by EPA's mercury rule. They delivered 2 million comments to EPA in advance of its June 25 deadline. Additional comments will still be collected and considered, the advocates say, though they will not be made part of the record like those received before the deadline. EPA's March 27 proposal of a new source performance standard under the Clean Air Act would require power plants to limit their emissions to 1,000 pounds of carbon pollution per megawatt-hour of electricity. The rule would effectively require all new coal-fired power plants to eventually use carbon capture and storage to reduce their emissions. The coal industry and its allies in government have panned the rule as a jobs-killer, but Nayak said the comments show the public is not swayed by industry rhetoric.