Student Reception at GHGT-11

Organisation: Global CCS Institute
Source: GHGT

The Student Reception was held last night in Banquet Hall Swan at the conference centre. Those invited included students attending the conference, those presenting papers/posters, past IEAGHG Summer School Alumni, those on the second IEAGHG/UK CCS Research Centre Student Mentoring Programme and specifically-invited experts from academia and industry. The evening began with a brief surprise talk from John Gale, General Manager of IEAGHG, who popped in especially to wish Tim Dixon (also IEAGHG) a happy birthday and to present an ‘Established in 1962¢ T-shirt (no prizes for guessing which special birthday this is for Tim…). Tim then begin the Reception by welcoming all, with a brief introduction to the IEAGHG CCS Summer School (held annually all around the world – past locations have been Germany, Canada, Australia, Norway, the USA and China) and announced that 2013¢s School wil be held in the UK. Jürgen-Friedrich Hake, the chair of the International Steering Committee for the Summer School series, then welcomed all and emphasised the importance of students in the CCS world. The key speaker was Geoff Rumble, from the Global CCS Institute, who gave a short talk on GCCSI – a major series sponsor of the Summer School.