Key Topics
Areas of focus in accelerating CCS

Key Topics

Status of CCS

The Status of CCS provides a global perspective of how CCS is progressing, including trends, regional influences, gaps, failures and recommended actions.  Here you’ll find the latest reports and formal publications released by the Institute and its partner organisations, as well as blogs and other community-generated content.

Capacity Development

Capacity development builds the skills, expertise and organisational capability required to implement and operate CCS projects. Developing appropriate knowledge, understanding and capability amongst policy makers, regulators and CCS practitioners is a vital aspect of making CCS a viable low-carbon energy solution across the developed and developing world.

Commercial and Finance

Commercial-scale CCS projects present complex financial and commercial challenges for policy makers, financiers, and project proponents. Current models are at an early stage of development and their workability and effectiveness are yet to be demonstrated.

Policy, Legal and Regulation

CCS policies and appropriate regulatory and legal frameworks provide the assurances required to build public confidence in CCS. These measures support the protection of public health, safety and the environment and the effective long-term stewardship of storage sites.

Public Engagement

A crucial element of any developing CCS demonstration project is understanding public perceptions of CCS, and effectively communicating the risks and benefits.  Each CCS project and community is unique, requiring a tailored, site-specific engagement process. 


Understanding existing carbon capture technologies and options including their integration across the entire CCS value chain is an essential part of developing CCS demonstration projects and building a sustainable CCS industry. Technology innovation will also be a central part in integration, improving overall technology and component efficiency and developing next generation solutions.