Key Topics
Areas of focus in accelerating CCS

Commercial and Finance

Commercial-scale CCS projects present complex financial and commercial challenges for policy makers, financiers, and project proponents. Current models are at an early stage of development and their workability and effectiveness are yet to be demonstrated.

The Commercial and Finance Key Topics page draws together the most relevant reports and formal publications released by the Institute and its partner organisations, as well as blogs and other community-generated content.


The Global Status of CCS: 2013

The section on making the Business Case for CCS in the Global Status of CCS: 2013 report highlights key factors successful projects have in common that could be replicated in other projects. 


Financing a new Pulverized Coal Plant with Post Combustion Carbon Capture

This report discusses the financing considerations  large carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects will face, and the factors that can mitigate financing risks. The report also outlines Tenaska’s plan for financing the project.

Costs Data

For some cost-comparison data on CCS, see the following:


 openCCS Handbook Activities

openCCS provides a high-level handbook for delivery a CCS project.  A set of activities can be appied in relation to managing capital / operating costs and financial analysis.



Insights: An update on CCS public funding support

This article, by Chester Abellera, gives an overview on the goverment funding initiatives for CCS in Europe and North America.

Community content