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Areas of focus in accelerating CCS


Understanding existing carbon capture technologies and options including their integration across the entire CCS value chain is an essential part of developing CCS demonstration projects and building a sustainable CCS industry. Technology innovation will also be a central part in integration, improving overall technology and component efficiency and developing next generation solutions.

This page draws together the most relevant reports and formal publications released by the Institute and its partner organisations, as well as blogs and other community-generated content.


The Global Status of CCS: 2013

The technology chapters of this report review the different components of CCS and provides an update of their current status of development. 

 Accelerating the uptake of CCS: Industrial use of captured carbon dioxide

The technology investigation and evaluation section of this report investigates existing and emerging CO2 reuse technologies including determining the current status of the technologies globally. This section also considers the current and future potential market size for each reuse technology in order to understand the CO2 utilisation potential. Technologies are short-listed based on their potential to demand CO2 on a scale commensurate with the emissions generated from power plants and other large industrial CO2.

CO2 capture technology selection methodology

In this report, the selection methodology developed by the ROAD project team is described and evaluate.  The CO2 capture technology selection process chapter starts with setting out in detail the considerations and constraints underlying the development of the selection methodology. The selection methodology developed is subsequently described.

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