CCS Cost Network

About the CCS Cost Network

At the 10th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies in 2010, the need to establish an Expert Group on CCS costs was identified in response to the growing number of reports regarding the costs of CCS. It was agreed that this group should consist of invited members with identified expertise in the various components of the CCS process chain – capture, transport and storage.

The CCS Costs Network

The Institute worked with the IEAGHG, the IEA, Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP) and two of the leading academic experts in CCS, Howard Herzog of MIT and Ed Rubin of Carnegie Mellon University to form the ‘CCS Costs Network’.

This Network brings together around 50 of the world’s leading experts on costing CCS technologies from capture through transport. As part of this group, the Institute is now working to develop a common terminology and framework for cost estimates, including how to characterise variability and uncertainty, as well as how to improve communication of cost estimates and their characteristics to all stakeholders.

The inaugural meeting was held 22 – 23 March 2011.  The first proceedings paper are published. The second meeting was held 24-25 April 2012. Future outcomes will be published on the Institute’s website.

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