CCS Program Managers' Network

About the CCS Demonstration Program Managers' Network

To support collaboration and coordination around publicly funded CCS demonstration programs, the Institute convened a 
Program Managers’ Network   in early 2010.

The network brings together representatives from each of the key governments delivering large-scale CCS demonstration programs.  These governments include Alberta, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Scotland and Victoria.

Beyond the initial agenda of developing a set of guiding principles for knowledge sharing, the Program Managers’ Network provides an informal forum for government officials to share lessons and experiences related to program design and implementation.

The network involves both an online private group on the Institute’s extranet and a series of face-to-face events.  The network also supports an Institute-led project examining lessons from the delivery of international CCS demonstration programs. It seeks to identify key financial and commercial risks as perceived by industry and government stakeholders. 

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