The EU CCS Regions Network

About The EU CCS Regions Network

The North Sea is the EU’s largest potential offshore CO2 storage site. The geology of the basin is extremely well understood, with comprehensive data on oil and gas field structures and capacities. Just as the North Sea has acted as a strategic oil and gas security EU Region CCS Network asset for the EU – so it can now also act as a strategic carbon storage asset for the EU helping to de-carbonise industry and power production in North Western Europe.

The regions

Local governments, regulators, companies and stakeholders each play an important role in the realisation of CCS-projects in their respective roles of, amongst other, legislator, regional development authority, port authority and company. The EU CCS regions network is a forum for these (local) entities and aims to support, enable and enhance investments in CCS projects by cooperating, sharing knowledge and addressing bottlenecks. More specifically, the network is adding value through:

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  • Carrying out a work programme aimed at aligning ambitions, testing and improving the regulatory framework, achieving synergies between CO2-hubs;
  • Showing the need for a strategy geared towards the most cost effective use of available storage reservoirs on the continental shelf;
  • Peer to peer sharing of experience and building capacity in expertise;
  • Collective advice from a local/regional perspective to the EU Commission, member states and other trans-national government and industry bodies.
  • The EU regions network compliments and adds to the work of existing EU CCS networks and platforms (CCS project network, ZEP, North Sea Basin Taskforce) by bringing on the ground experience of energy, industry and infrastructure project delivery: project permitting, primary engagement of citizens, and coordinated planning of regional development and companies.