Japanese Knowledge Network

About the Japanese Knowledge Network

Japanese Knowledge Network The Japanese Knowledge Network is an Institute-funded initiative that involves over 40 individuals from 20 CCS-related organisations sharing knowledge on topics related to CCS communications and seismicity.

Knowledge sharing is conducted through:

  • Face-to-face and extranet collaboration;
  • Facilitation by JGC, Quintessa and the Institute; and
  • Collaboration that is primarily in Japanese, with public summary reports in English.

Key aspects of the initiative are described below:

Establishing of the communications framework
Sign in to the Japanese Knowledge NetworkThe first phase of the program established a common communications framework for CCS in Japan. The goal is to be able to clearly explain the case for CCS and how it works to a general audience. The knowledge network has used a set of techniques that provide clear answers to complex issues and develops the materials in an iterative fashion. This work finished in late 2011 and an English version of the report is publicly available. While is focused on communicating CCS in Japan, many aspects of the framework can be applied in other countries.
  • Implementation of the communications framework
    Work is now underway for the next phase of the program which involves rolling out these communications materials through direct engagement with various stakeholders. As part of this process, the communications framework built in the first phase is enhanced based on stakeholder feedback.
  • Investigating seismicity issues
    To address questions on the topic seismicity induced by injection of CO2 and the impact of seismicity on any component of CCS (geological storage in particular), the network has brought together experts on CCS and seismicity. Work includes conducting a literature review of available information, sharing cross-discipline expertise between CCS and seismicity experts and developing an argumentation model and knowledge base
  • Participating Organisations

    A number of individuals from various CCS-related organisations participate in the Japanese Knowledge Network. This is currently a private network but is open to other participating organisations or individuals.

    If you are interested in participating, please contact our Japanese office.