Korean Knowledge Network

About the Korean Knowledge Network

Korea Network

The Korean Knowledge Network (KKN) shares CCS knowledge with a number of key organisations in Korea.

The objectives of the network are to:

  • Introduce key publications and news to Korean CCS communities. 
  • Introduce the status of CCS in Korea to Institute communities.
  • Increase information sharing among Korean companies.
  • Broaden the Institute’s knowledge-sharing activities to non-member companies and the public in Korea.

The Global CCS Institute and Korea CCS Association (KCCSA) manage the network. The KKN is funded by the Institute and the Korean government.

The focus for the current phase of the network is to improve dissemination of existing CCS knowledge from project and policy work. Key activities include:

  • Facilitated workshops run by the KCCSA to present key Institute publications, such as the Global Status of CCS Report.
  • Online collaboration with Korean member organisations on the Institute’s extranet. 
  • Ranking of priority knowledge sharing topics by Korean member organisations, using the Institute’s standard list of key questions.
  • Assistance in answering key questions for the Korean member network.