BHP backs CCS in energy mix

BHP Billiton, one of the few publicly traded firms invested in both gas and coal, is banking on both playing a role in the global energy mix well into the 2040s, and says carbon capture and storage-associated power stations like Petra Nova in Texas will be vital. Writing on the BHP blog yesterday, vice president, sustainability and climate change Dr Fiona Wild said the recently developed Petra Nova project was an illustration of a viable technology that "the world urgently needs to meet its current climate commitments". Yet she said government and industry would need to dig deep and iron out some of the many kinks in current CCS projects to help CCS realise its full potential. The International Energy Agency has estimated that under the United Nations' 2C warming scenario that nearly 60% of primary energy needs will continue to be met by fossil fuels in 2040. "Without ways of capturing the emissions created from the production and use of fossil fuels, such as CCS, we will struggle to reach the emissions targets agreed at the COP21 climate conference in Paris in 2015," Dr Wild said.