Going Underground – the next phase

Monday, 24 April 2017

By now, you will be aware of our new “Join the Underground” campaign and have formed a view about it.

That view may not necessarily be positive or complimentary and if that is the case, welcome abroad (!)

This is a thought-leadership campaign aimed at disrupting stakeholders - particularly those in positions of influence.

It is designed to make stakeholders, stop, think and connect – with CCS as a technology, and the Global CCS Institute as its leading advocate.

Over the next few months, we will be unfurling further “memes” which we hope will spread likely a friendly virus amongst the climate change community and:

  • trigger attention
  • spark curiosity
  • court controversy

This “virus” will be a digitally led and be most visible across our social channels – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

It will be supported by a content-rich hub on our own website that explains what the campaign is about and why it is important. This is being built at the moment.

Ultimately, we want everyone to know that climate change targets cannot be met without CCS and that is a proven, reliable and cost effective technology.

During April, Brad Page, Alex Zapantis, Jeff Erikson, John Scowcroft and Jan Bingley, consulted extensively with our Members across all four regions and Members have resounding endorsed this more emboldened approach.

They want the Institute to drive greater awareness and increase advocacy.

Ultimately, this is the only way we can initiate “action” and ensure CCS is supported and embraced in the same way as other clean technologies.

It is the only way the Paris `below 2 degree’ target will be met.