International workshop on CCUS education, training, and outreach

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Decatur workshop

On Wednesday 30 July, the Global CCS Institute participated in an International workshop held at the National Sequestration Education Center, at Richland Community College, in Decatur, Illinois. The event was co-sponsored by the US Department of Energy's (USDoE) National Energy Technology Laboratory, ADM, Schlumberger Carbon Services, Illinois State Geological Survey and Richland with around 50 participants.

The workshop focused on cutting-edge tools and techniques for public education, training, and community outreach on carbon capture use and storage (CCUS). The Institute, along with the USDoE, regional partnerships, teachers and proponents from major demonstration projects all discussed the current status of CCUS and the best practices for outreach and communication. School teachers learnt about CCUS and had the opportunity to view interactive lesson plans, containing activities and experiments related to CCUS and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Delegates also attended a tour of the Illinois ICCS project, which is operated by ADM, and included the partners Schlumberger, Illinois State Geological Survey and Richland Community College. The project is capturing CO2 from the ADM corn-to-ethanol plant in Decatur, which is then stored in a dedicated  the Mount Simon Sandstone at a depth of around 2,130 meters/7,000 feet below ground level, in an onshore deep saline formation.
Read more about the project here.  

The Global CCS Institute is committed to improving understanding of CCS as an important element of a low-carbon energy future. A critical part of our approach to achieving understanding, is improving access to factual, simple information, education and outreach resources that explain the important role CCS has to play in mitigating the harmful effects of climate change and providing energy security. The Institute also supports other education and outreach experts and CCS projects around the globe to create and promote free low-carbon energy education resources and programs and runs a program Of CCS 'challenge' activities to get students internationally sharing their learning about CCS and low-carbon energy.  If you’re interested in receiving more information on the Education work that the Institute is doing please contact Meade Harris or Kirsty Anderson. All of the Institute's available education materials and activities will soon be available on CO2degrees.

Read more on the event in Decatur at the Herald-Review 4/8 or Bloomberg Business Week 4/8.