On the March

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Welcome to the March Newsletter after a busy and poignant start to 2017. February saw the launch of the Petra Nova CCS facility near Houston, the largest post-combustion carbon capture project in the world (featured below). This facility was delivered on time and on-budget, a credit to its joint venture partners NRG Energy and JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corp.

In Australia, CCS enjoyed a resurgence of interest as the Government made energy security its political focus and the Chief Scientist undertook an extensive review of the national electricity market. The Institute became a primary source of expert advice to media, government - and the Chief Scientist himself - and it is fair to say that the CCS star has been rising.

To increase awareness and inspire wider debate in CCS, we launched a new digital marketing campaign, Join the Underground, profiled in this issue.

Our Members have been at the forefront of Institute activity and this Newsletter reports on engagement with members in Canada and Japan, as well as looking at the increased member focus given at the Board and Leadership Strategy Workshop held in Melbourne.   

Elsewhere we look at new ISO standards for CCS, the forthcoming launch of the Yanchang CCS Project in China and a successful Washington DC Forum.