Resurgent media focus on CCS in Australia

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Finkel Review has prompted the Australian Federal Government to generate an animated public debate about the need for a more “agnostic” energy mix which is less renewables-focused and more accommodating towards “supercritical” coal solutions.

As a consequence, there has been resurgent interest in CCS and allowed the Institute to communicate its strengths and do some “mythbusting”.

Common misconceptions about CCS being untested, expensive and a “fig leaf” (a common new expression) for the fossil fuel industry were corrected over a series of interviews and articles by Institute CEO, Brad Page and Institute advisor, Julio Friedman. 

Untested?: “CCS has been around since 1972 (when Apollo 17 landed men on the moon)”

Expensive?: “CCS can supply electricity at less than a third of the cost of rooftop solar.”

A fossil fuel apologist?: “How is retrofitting a coal plant with a technology that will reduce emissions by 90% a bad thing?”

The Institute has been pleased that it has been able to start re-positioning CCS as a realistic and essential energy solution for Australia.

As Brad Page said to Graham Lloyd, the environment editor at the Australian: “Pinning all of the low carbon electricity task to just a few renewable technologies is not a rational approach to energy security.”  

Institute advocate, Julio Friedmann, in Melbourne: adding specialist weight to the CCS debate