Rock Doctors to the Rescue!

Monday, 24 April 2017

The Rock Doctors get started on the 2.5km journey by jumping through the Geological Time Machine. Photo credit: Conor Ellis, Dynamic Earth

On April 8, the Global CCS Institute, UKCCSRC and SCCS combined forces with Dynamic Earth to bring the Rock Doctors to the Rescue event to the 2017 Edinburgh International Science Festival

The sold-out event involved a 2.5km journey covering 145 million years of geological history to explore how the rocks off the North East Coast of the UK could help Britain’s top geoscientists (Rock Doctors) meet the urgent global climate challenge.

Participants were guided back through geological time and around some of Edinburgh’s fascinating geological sites including extinct volcanoes and glacial erratics. They were encouraged to take part in ‘RockStar Challenges’, learn fascinating facts and handle genuine rock and fossil samples along the way – there were even real meteorite samples for people to touch – but only with gloves on!

The journey’s both began and ended at Dynamic Earth for the 750 participants.  There, three of UK’s active CCS projects (Teesside Collective, Caledonia and Acorn) helped explain how these facilities hope to capture, transport and store CO2.


On the day, there was also a stall of geologically-themed crafts for younger visitors including the CO2 Lava Lamp. Participants could also travel high above the Earth and deep underground using Shell’s virtual reality app.

Take a look at some of the images captured on the day. The sold-event was a great success among participants this year.


Rock Doctors to the Rescue is an education and outreach program adapted from the Peterhead CCS Geological Journey originally developed with Shell. For more information on the Institute’s education and outreach activities please contact: You can also visit the CO2degrees Education site for free education resources.