What's on the Institute's agenda today at COP 22

Thursday, 17 November 2016

  • Suspension of the CMA; closure of the COP and CMP (until very late)
  • Part of a business constituency delegation that met with European Union Parliamentarian delegation – 50% of the meeting was spent with the Institute answering and responding to CCS questions
  • 3rd Australian delegation briefing – Ambassador re-affirmed the importance of CCS
  • Chatted with Australian government's Department of Environment and Energy
  • Chatted with WWF
  • Chatted with Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (AIGN)
  • Chatted with Microsoft – who was very interested in CCS and remarked that “seems CCS is the talk of the COP”
  • Chatted with Jupiter Oxygen
  • Chatted with PWC
  • Observed Press Conference 

Previous Days

Tuesday, 15 and Wednesday, 16 November

  • Closing CMA
  • Informal consultations on the linkages between the Financial Mechanism and Technology Mechanism
  • Australian delegation briefing
  • Chatted with Chevron
  • Chatted with CPP4
  • Chatted with EBRD
  • Chatted with CO2GeoNet
  • Chatted with BCSE, Jupiter Oxygen, e5, ISCE, Clean Energy Council (Australia), CleanCarbon Technology
  • Chatted with PWC
  • Chatted with Climate Works
  • Chatted with Australian government's Department of Environment and Energy 

Monday, 14 November

  • Institute exhibit commenced
  • Institute hosted a side-event on CCS and the IPCC
  • SBI closing plenary (Part II)
  • Chat with:
    • Chat with Nicholas Stern
    • Chat with the BCSE
    • Chat with Radboud University
    • Chat with IEA
    • Chat with Shell
    • Chat with World Steel Association
    • Chat with Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Sunday, 13 November – no negotiations (COP closed for the day) 

​Saturday, 12 November

  • Executive Director’s meeting with observers
  • President’s informal stocktake of agenda items (including CCS in the CDM)

Friday, 10 November

  • Institute hosted a side-event on industrial CCS
  • Green Zone – Energy Theme
  • Informal consultations – various issues
  • COP President’s meeting with observers
  • Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) dinner reception
  • SBI plenary (close part 1)
    • Chat with WCA
    • Chat with Teesside Collective
    • Chat with IEA
    • Chat with Shell
    • Chat with World Steel Association
    • Chat with Gassnova
    • Chat with Bellona
    • Chat with Australian delegation

Thursday, 9 November

  • Informal consultation groups – various issues
  • Observer briefing with COP 22 President
  • Observer briefing with co-chairs of Paris Agreement (APA)
  • OAPEC/Qatar side-event on “creating “value form CO2
  • Climate Technology Centre networking session for Network members
  • Chat with Moroccan CCS expert
  • Chat with C2ES

Wednesday, 8 November

  • Informal consultation groups – various issues
  • Mandated Technology Action Plans side-event
  • Mandated Technology Mechanism side-event
  • Chat with World Steel Association
  • Chat with Turkish Carbon Emission Reduction and Control Association
  • Chat with Swedish delegation
  • Chat with Nature Conservancy on BECCS

Tuesday, 8 November

    • IEAGHG/CO2GeoNet official UNFCCC side-event on CCS in Africa
    • Informal consultations on non-market approaches and cooperative approaches
    • Australian delegation meeting
    • Chat with new CEO of Green Climate Fund (position starts in January 2017)
    • Chat with Canadian delegate
    • Chat with youth delegate
    • Arranged Umbrella Group briefing for BINGO community

    Monday, 7 November

    • Co-hosted side-event in EU Pavilion with CO2GeoNet on ‘Why CCS is essential to meeting the 2 degree targets”
    • Opening ceremony
    • SBSTA opening
    • Informal consultation on markets and non-market approaches (Article 6)
    • Informal consultation on Technology Framework
    • Meetings