Yanchang CCUS Gets Green Light

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Later this month, China’s first carbon capture utilisation and storage facility, Yanchang CCUS, will be formally launched at Xi-an (Shaanxi Province) in China.

Yanchang Petroleum CCUS has been given final investment approval to begin construction of a gasification facility to capture 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum from Yanchang’s chemicals plants.

When it becomes fully operational in 2018, the facility will capture more than 360,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

The facility is a major step forward in addressing climate change in China and a significant first for CCUS.

This Yanchang CCUS event will be attended by dignitaries from China, the United States, Australia and Europe, including representatives from the US and Australian Governments, the International Energy Agency (IEA), the US Department of Energy (DoE), World Bank, and the China National Development and Reform Commission.

Photographs and further news from this event will feature in the April Newsletter. 


The Yanchang CCUS facility officially launches this month