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Project Delivery for Transport during the Define Stage


  • To develop and manage a fully resourced and cost loaded FEED programme for project control and optimise the overall project implementation programme

Major Deliverables

  • FEED programme at level 3 detail (Level 3 detailed programme includes the chain element (power plant, carbon capture and compression, transport, injection and storage), phase (consenting, engineering, procurement etc) discipline (civil, mechanical, electrical, C&I etc.) system (steam turbine, compressor, pipeline, platform etc.) and sub system.  As a guide no activity should be longer than 14 days.)
  • Project delivery programme at level 2 detail (Level 2 detailed summary includes the chain element (power plant, carbon capture and compression, transport, injection and storage), phase (consenting, engineering, procurement etc) discipline (civil, mechanical, electrical, C&I etc.) and system (steam turbine, compressor, pipeline, platform etc.).  As a guide no activity should be longer than 60 days with the exception of procurement / manufacturing).


The FEED and delivery programmes should be fully logic linked to show the detailed timing of all activities and to provide a comprehensive critical path (s).

The FEED programme activities should be fully resourced with man-hours and costs.

A FEED and delivery programme supporting narrative should be produced describing the execution strategy, critical path (s), float and key risks.

The FEED programme should be at a level of granularity which identifies

  • FEED milestones
  • Dates for review meetings
  • All activities to be undertaken
  • Anticipated dates of application and award for consents

The delivery programme should show the dependencies between the major items relating to consenting, FEED, detailed design, procurement, manufacture, site enabling, civil construction, mechanical erection, electrical,  control and instrumentation, commissioning, compliance / performance and reliability testing across chain elements.

The delivery programme should be at a level of granularity which identifies

  • Anticipated dates of application and award for any outstanding consents
  • Activities for completion of detailed design
  • Long lead manufacturing items
  • Dates for main sub contract placement
  • Interface events between chain elements
  • Site enabling works period
  • Civil works construction period
  • Pipeline Installation Period
  • Mechanical, electrical / control and instrumentation installation period
  • Commissioning period
  • Optimisation period
  • Compliance / performance and reliability testing period
  • Chain element operation / acceptance


Indicative level 3 FEED programme activities for On Shore Transport Pipeline.

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    • EIA Compilation (inc. Physical Environmental, Water Resources, Ecology, Archaeology, Noise and Vibration, Waste, Landscape, Agriculture & Soils, Planning and Land Use, Traffic and Transport, Air Quality, Wintering Birds)
  2. Investigations & Surveys
    • Seismic Activity Assessment
    • Topographical Survey & Report
    • Geotechnical Survey & Report
    • Contamination Assessment
    • Mining Study & Report
  3. Philosophies
    • Process Design Philosophy
    • Pipeline Design Philosophy
    • Protection System Philosophy
    • Segregation Philosophy
    • Fire Detection and Protection Philosophy
    • Commissioning Philosophy
    • Start up / Shut down Philosophy
  4. Specifications
    • Materials Specifications
    • Process Isolation Specifications
    • Civil and Structural Design Specifications
    • Equipment Specifications
    • Piping Specifications
    • Electrical Design Specifications
    • Mechanical Design Specifications
    • Pipework Coating Specifications
    • Control and Instrumentation Specifications
    • Cathodic Protection Specifications
  5. Process Safety Assessments
    • CDM Risk Register
    • Alarm and Monitoring Philosophy
    • Operating Philosophy
    • HAZID Study
    • ALARP Study
    • HIPPS Study
    • Fire and Gas Detection
    • Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment
    • Safe Working Design Study
    • Constructability & Operability Review
  6. Pipeline Routing
    • 1 : 10000 Route Maps
    • Land Purchase Drawings
    • Proximity Assessments and Reports
    • Route Hazard, Risk and Obstacle Studies
    • Working Width and Area Drawings
    • Proximity / Population Density Drawings
    • Pipeline Material Schedules
    • Electrical Supply Determination
  7. Crossing Design
    • River Crossing Plot Plans
    • Crossing Options Report
    • Crossing Profile Drawings
    • Crossing Schedule and Methodology
  8. Cathodic Protection Design
    • Cathodic Protection Design Report
    • Cathodic Protection Schematic Drawings
    • Cathodic Protection Ground Bed and Pipeline Calculations
    • Cathodic Protection Cable Calculations
    • Material and Equipment Lists & Data Sheets
  9. Drainage Design
    • Drainage Design Calculations
    • Drainage Drawings
  10. AGI / Pigging Design
    • Design Basis Report
    • General Arrangement Drawings
    • Process Calculations
    • Civil and Structural Calculations
    • Civil Layout and Arrangement Drawings
    • Piping Wall Thickness Calculations
    • Equipment Lists and Data Sheets
    • Supports and Foundation drawings
    • Security Systems Report
    • Metering Data Sheets
    • Interface and Tie in Drawings
    • Cable Routing Drawings
    • Electrical Systems Calculations
    • Electrical Single Line Diagrams
    • Instrument Schedules
    • Electricity Supply Determination
  11. Consents, Statutory & Regulatory Approvals
    • Pipeline Safety Case
    • Pipeline Environmental Statement
    • Pipeline Act
    • Pipeline Works Authorisation
    • Public Consultation Meetings
    • Utilities and Private Services Consultations
    • Planning Application Consultation
    • Farmers and Land Owner Meetings / Consultations

Indicative Level 2 programme activities for project delivery of CO2 Transport System

Procurement and Award

  • Obtain Tenders
  • Contract Negotiations with Principle Contractors
  • Contract Awards

On Shore Pipeline

  • On Shore Pipeline Installation Contract
  • On Shore Electrical Installation Contract
  • On Shore Pipeline Materials
  • On Shore Pipeline Valves
  • On Shore Metering Equipment
  • On Shore Pigging Equipment


  • Compressor Building Supply and Construction
  • Compressor Mechanical Equipment
  • Compressor Piping and Valves
  • Compressor Electrical Equipment
  • Compressor Control and Instrumentation

Off Shore Pipeline

  • Off Shore Survey Contract
  • Off Shore Pipeline Installation Contract
  • Off Shore EC&I Installation Contract
  • Off Shore Pipeline Materials
  • Off Shore Pipeline Corrosion Protection Materials
  • Off Shore Umbilical Supply Contract
  • Off Shore Pipeline & Umbilical Lay Vessel Booking


  • Outstanding Statutory and Regulatory Approvals

Detailed Engineering

On Shore Pipeline
  • Detailed Pipeline Design
  • Topographical Survey
  • Strip Maps
  • Crossing Drawings
  • Single Farmer Payment and Easement Drawings
  • Structural Sections
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Traffic Management Plan
Compressor Station
  • Civil Foundation Designs and Drawings
  • Building Steelwork Designs & Drawings
  • Piling Designs & Drawings
  • Design Philosophies
  • Equipment Data Sheets and Specifications
  • 3D Modelling & GA Drawings
  • Piping Material & Fabrication Specifications
  • Piping GA's, Isometrics and MTO
  • Vendor Data Review & Inspection
  • Process Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Instrumentation and Control Design
  • Process Safety Design
Off Shore Pipeline
  • Detailed Design Off Shore Pipelines
  • Detailed Umbilical  Design
  • Control and Instrumentation Design

Manufacturing, Inspection & Delivery

On Shore Pipeline
  • On Shore Pipeline & Valves
  • On Shore Pipeline Metering Equipment
  • On Shore Pipeline Pigging Equipment
Off Shore Pipeline
  • Off Shore Pipeline and Valves
  • Off Shore Umbilical
  • Off Shore Pipeline Corrosion Equipment
Gas Compressor
  • Gas Compressors and Mechanical Equipment
  • Gas Compressor Electrical Equipment
  • Gas Compressor Control & Instrumentation


  • Mobilisation
  • On Shore Pipeline Installation & Testing / Drying
  • Compressor Station Civil Contraction
  • Compressor Station M & E Installation Works
  • Off Shore Pipeline & Umbilical Installation / Laying & Testing


  • On Shore Pipeline Pre Commissioning
  • Compressor Pre Commissioning
  • Off Shore Pipeline De Watering, Drying & Pre Commissioning
  • Energisation of Gas Compressors
  • Gas Compressor Commissioning Runs
  • Optimisation of CO2 Transport System

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Other Sites

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Key Personnel

  • Planning Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Project Design Engineer
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