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Lost Cabin Gas Plant

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Capture type:
Pre-combustion capture (natural gas processing)
Transport type:
Onshore to onshore pipeline
Storage type:
Use of CO2 in enhanced oil recovery


Location: Wyoming, United States of America
Proponent: ConocoPhillips, Denbury Resources


Technical aspects

  • Approximately 1 million tonnes per annum of carbon dioxide (CO2) will be captured from the currently operating Lost Cabin Gas Plant and transported via a 370 km pipeline to the Bell Creek oil field in Montana for enhanced oil recovery.

Key Deliverables

  • The Lost Cabin Gas Plant was first commissioned in 1995.
  • Construction of the CO2 capture facilities started in 2011.
  • Commenced operation in 2013.

The project involves CO2 compression equipment at the existing Lost Cabin natural gas processing plant. Denbury Resources will transport and inject CO2 into its oil fields in Eastern Montana. It is estimated that the CO2 injection project will increase oil production from existing wells from 1,200 barrels per day to a peak response of 7,000 barrels per day.

Project data is current as at 16/02/2014.