Global CCS Institute

Riley Ridge Gas Plant

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Capture type:
Pre-combustion capture (natural gas processing)
Transport type:
Onshore to onshore pipeline
Storage type:
Use of CO2 in enhanced oil recovery


Location: Wyoming, United States
Proponent: Denbury Resources
Technical aspects
  • Retrofit of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture at a natural gas processing plant currently under construction in Riley Ridge, Wyoming.
  • Around 2.5 million tonnes per annum of CO2 would be captured at the plant.
  • The CO2 would be transported by pipeline to an onshore oil field for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).
Key deliverables
  • Preliminary negotiations for the off-take of CO2 for EOR are under way.
  • The project could be fully operational by 2018-2020.


Project data is current as at 16/02/2014.