This project intentds to capture around 0.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum from a Combined Cycle Power Plant by 2017. 

The CRP (Haifeng) Project plans to capture and compress 1 million tonnes of CO2emissions from CRP (Haifeng) Unit 3 from a slip stream of flue gas. The construction of the carbon capture facilities is expected to start in February 2016 and be completed by August 2018


A capacity of 50,000 tpa of CO2 capture facility was built in November 2012 and a capacity of 360,000 tpa CO2 capture facility is planned to be entered into operation by 2015-2016.

​ CO2 EOR Demonstration project The CO2 injection will take place in a well characterized field, the Ghawar field of which Uthmaniyah represents a small area.

This operational project captures around 700,000 tonnes per annum of carbon dioxide from an offshore gas processing plant. The carbon dioxide is injected into the Lula Oil Field for enhanced oil recovery.

Shenhua Group proposes to build a new coal-to-liquids plant that would capture around 2 million tonnes per annum of carbon dioxide. Possible storage options are currently under evaluation.

The proposed Sargas Stargate 250 Gasfired Powerplant in Norway would capture more than 1.4 million tonnes per annum of carbon dioxide. The project could be operational in 2016.

More than 800,000 tonnes per annum of carbon dioxide from a natural gas processing plant are planned to be injected into the Jilin oil field for enhanced oil recovery by 2015-2016.

This project will involve the construction of a new, super-critical coal-fired power plant with oxyfuel combustion capturing more than 2 to 3 million tonnes per annum of carbon dioxide.

The China Datang Group is developing a new power generation project with CCS, with a planned capture capacity of around 1 million tonnes per annum of carbon dioxide, which will then be used for enhanced oil recovery.