Air Products Steam Methane Reformer EOR Project

Air Products has retrofit each of its two hydrogen production units, located within the existing Valero Energy refinery at Port Arthur, Texas to separate CO2 from the process gas stream. The first unit began capturing CO2 in December 2012, the second in March 2013. When operating at full capacity both plants capture approximately 1 Mtpa of CO2. The captured CO2 is transported via Denbury’s existing Green Pipeline to the Hastings oil field in Brazoria County, Texas. As of April 2015, nearly 2 million tonnes of CO2 had been injected in the field. To supplement Denbury’s ongoing commercial monitoring activities, Denbury and the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, plan to jointly implement a research monitoring, verification and accounting (MVA) program to study the movement and sequestration of CO2 through existing EOR operations. For more information, please see here

Project data is current as at 17/12/2015