Listing and analysis of CCS projects around the world

Collaboration with Projects

The Global CCS Institute works collaboratively with its Members, CCS projects, governments and stakeholders across the world to ensure that CCS is recognised as:

  • technically feasible;
  • able to make a significant contribution towards reducing the world’s greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • an essential element in the portfolio of climate change mitigation technologies.

Project collaboration approach

The Institute monitors and enhances the global status of CCS development in three ways.

1.     Collecting data on CCS projects around the world:

2.     Analysing project data and publishing findings in reports on the global status of CCS:

3.     Collaborating with projects and other stakeholders to generate reports and publications, and share practical project insights and experience:

Direct project support

The Institute directly supports CCS projects, and organisations working with projects to generate knowledge and understanding, thus helping to address key barriers to broad CCS deployment.

The Institute supports the following project activities within its current portfolio: