Lost Cabin Gas Plant

The Lost Cabin Gas Plant located west of Casper Wyoming has been operating since 1995, separating and capturing CO2 from natural gas produced from a deep reservoir in the nearby Madden field. ConocoPhillips, the plant owner and operator entered into a CO2 off-take agreement with Denbury Resources to purchase up to 0.9 million tonnes of CO2  per annum for transport to the Bell Creek oil field for use in enhanced oil recovery. In May 2013, injection began at the Bell Creek site in Montana with CO2 transported via a 374 km pipeline from the Lost Cabin gas plant, and has since injected well over a million tonnes of CO2, having reached that milestone in July 2014. The injection site is also the location of the ‘Bell Creek Integrated CO2-EOR and Storage Project’, a collaboration between Denbury and the Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership to develop and test advanced models of the behavior of CO2, oil, and water in the subsurface. For more information, please see here

Project data is current as at 17/12/2015