Riley Ridge Gas Plant

Denbury Resources is extracting gas from the Riley Ridge Federal Unit and adjoining land in southwestern Wyoming. The gas composition from the Riley Ridge Unit has a very high CO2 content (approximately 65 per cent CO2). Denbury began operating a gas processing facility at Riley Ridge in the fourth quarter of 2013. The facility separates the natural gas and helium from the full well stream for sale. The remaining gases - including the CO2 – are re-injected into the producing formation until a planned CO2 capture facility and pipeline are built. Early engineering studies have indicated initial CO2 capture capacity of up to 2.5 Mtpa. The CO2 supply would be slated for Denbury assets in the Rocky Mountain area in Wyoming. Development of the CO2-EOR production capability is now envisaged around the 2020 time frame.

Project data is current as at 17/12/2015