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A significant development in capture technology development in the past ten years has been the construction of capture test centres, especially in North America and Europe. These centres have played a key role in the advancement of capture technology. Numerous technology providers have undertaken capture system testing at the scale of the test centres to generate data to support larger scale-up.

There have also been a significant number of initiatives undertaken in the past decade that have helped (or will help) support the development and deployment of CCS. These initiatives include scoping and techno-economic studies that have not themselves involved a significant amount of operational experience (but may have built on previous experiences). It also includes programs that are not easily allocated into the other ‘project’ classification – for example, studies that have involved the controlled release of small amounts of CO2 to test for environmental impacts and recommendation for improving monitoring systems.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive listing, rather to provide a sense of the significant amount of work on broader CCS development undertaken outside the more popularly quoted larger scale and pilot scale 'projects'.


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Other initiatives

Project Name Location Focus Project status
Acorn (Minimum Viable CCS Development) United Kingdom Full chain Ongoing
CATO Programme Netherlands Full chain Ongoing
CO2 Capture Project (CCP) Europe Full chain Ongoing
CO2FieldLab Project Norway Storage Completed
CO2MultiStore Joint Industrial Project (JIP) United Kingdom Storage Completed
CO2stCap Europe Capture Ongoing
CO2STORE Europe Storage Completed
Dynamis Europe Full chain Completed
ECRA CCS Project Europe Capture Ongoing
ENCAP Europe Capture Completed
MUSTANG Europe Storage Completed
QICS Project United Kingdom Storage Completed
STEMM-CCS Europe Storage Ongoing