Report to the Global CCS Institute on legal and regulatory developments related to carbon capture and storage between November 2010 - June 2011

Organisation: Global CCS Institute, Baker & McKenzie

As a part of the Policy, Legal and Regulatory (PLR) team’s research and preparatory activity for the drafting of the Global Status of CCS Report 2011, a legal and regulatory scan of the CCS legal and regulatory environment was commissioned from Baker & McKenzie.

The study is aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of international, regional, national and sub-national legal and regulatory developments; including details of negotiations currently in progress, the signalled intent of future CCS legal and regulatory decisions and the status of implementation of regulation in a number of countries. Fifty-one jurisdictions were surveyed in total, including the EU’s Member States, Federal and state level jurisdictions in Australia and the US and those developing nations which are the focus of the Institute’s capacity development activities.

The Institute’s PLR team worked closely with Baker & McKenzie to develop the scope and format of the research; ensuring a detailed final report and accompanying legislation tables, as well as a process which is potentially replicable in the future.

For further information on this study, please contact Ian Havercroft, Senior Advisor – CCS Regulation.