Making the business case for CCS

Organisation: Global CCS Institute, 2Co Energy, European Union
2Co Energy Limited has written this report to share its real-life CCS business case for its CCS project in the UK, the Don Valley Power Project (DVPP) This report aims to provide practical information that can be of use to others as they develop their own business cases for CCS around the world.

The report covers the following:

  • A brief overview of 2Co and its CCS project in the UK, DVPP.
  • A summary of existing business case-related knowledge products previously published for the Institute by other CCS projects, summarising the factors of most importance to their business cases.
  • A description of the market and regulatory context for CCS faced by DVPP and other projects in the UK.
  • A discussion of the financing challenge that 2Co faces and the resulting financing strategy.
  • The resulting business plan, including revenue and cost profiles, sensitivities and prospects for future cost reduction.
  • A description of the key risks to the project and mitigation plans.