Upgraded calculator for CO2 pipeline systems

Organisation: IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG)

The IEA Greenhouse gas R&D program has two Excel based computer programs developed which estimate the cost of pipelines carrying CO2. The first is a model built by Woodhill Engineering which includes routines for CO2 trunk pipeline as well as for other fluids and also injection wells and capture plant. The second model was recently developed by GASTEC at CRE Ltd and AMEC. This model calculates the costs of lower pressure CO2 collection networks and is calibrated for UK costs. The purpose of the work is to upgrade both of these models and to integrate them into one.

In summary, the aims of the project are:

  • to increase the technical veracity of the trunk pipeline model, and
  • to improve the user interface amenability of the network model,

Thereby make them more complementary and better aligned to ensure seamless integration.