Understanding CCS
What is CCS, how does it work and why is it important?

Information Resources

The Institute has developed a range of information and education resources to explain and illustrate carbon capture and storage in plain language.

CCS videos

Visit the Global CCS Institute's Youtube Channel to view our video collections.

CCS fact sheets


In collaboration with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the Institute has developed a suite of education resources.

CCS images

The Institute has developed a suite of easy-to-understand images of the processes involved in carbon capture and storage. These can be used in static or animated formats.

We encourage you to download these images and use them whenever and wherever appropriate. When using these images, please retain the 'Provided by Global CCS Institute' watermark or credit the Institute below the image in some other way.

The Greenhouse Effect  

Image: The greenhouse effect

The Global Carbon Cycle  

Image: The global carbon cycle

The Carbon Capture and Storage Process  

Image: The carbon capture and storage process

The CO2 Capture Overview   

Image: The CO2 capture overview

CO2 Capture Pre-Combustion   

Image: CO2 capture, pre-combustion

CO2 Capture Post-Combustion   

Image: CO2 capture, post-combustion

CO2 Capture Oxyfuel   

Image: CO2 capture - oxyfuel

CO2 Transport Overview   

Image: The CO2 transport overview

CO2 Transport Onshore   

Image: CO2 transport, onshore

CO2 Transport Offshore   

Image: CO2 transport, offshore

CO2 Storage Overview   

Image: The CO2 storage overview

CO2 Storage Geological   

Image: CO2 storage, geological

CO2 Storage EOR   

Image: CO2 storage, EOR