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Our Team

Administration Lead - Client Engagement

Team: Client Engagement
Location: Americas

Carlena joined the Institute on April 5, 2023.

Carlena worked at various Professional Associations within the DC Metropolitan area. Carlena also worked at a Government and Non-Government Consultant Firm.  Her primary areas of experience have been Membership Management, Convention and Meetings and Professional Development to include managing the details for National Speakers.  Most recently Carlena worked full time as a Realtor in the state of Maryland.

Carlena's areas of achievement have included being an essential part of the membership growth of several associations. Also obtaining Real Estate license in the state of Maryland.

Qualifications include Membership Management and Development, creating strategies to connect members with essential member benefits more efficiently. Meetings management, streamlining processes and collaborating with colleagues to conduct meetings easily from start to finish. Providing administrative support where needed.

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Carlena Farrar


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