Our Team

Our Team

Principal Consultant CCS Technology

Team: Commercial
Location: Australia

Dr David T Kearns is Senior Consultant in Carbon Capture and Storage Technology with the Institute. In his role David provides technical leadership and strategic insight to the Institute's Members and clients in CCS technology.

David has diverse experience across the energy, industrial and research sectors. For the past ten years he has focussed on carbon, energy and sustainability consulting for clients in the coal, oil and gas, pulp and paper, electricity generation and cement manufacturing sectors. David was previously a senior process design engineer in the petrochemicals and oil and gas industries. David is also an experienced university lecturer and industry trainer in sustainable processing, process design and renewable energy technologies.

David has published multiple research papers on the Pressure Swing Adsorption process, a key technology for carbon capture. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Bachelor degrees in Engineering and Commerce from Monash University, Australia.

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David T. Kearns


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