Our Team

Our Team

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Team: Business Services
Location: Americas

As the Executive Assistant to the CEO, Evelyn has more than 20 years of what she refers to as “true experience”—meaning, she is committed to continuous learning so that she is not merely repeating the same year over and over, but each year, becoming better than the last.

Prior to joining the Institute, Evelyn developed an impressive array of skills in executive management, project management, and process development—previously supporting c-level executives and organizational initiatives at NASA, Microsoft, R.D. Merrill Company, University of Washington, and Starbucks Coffee Company.

Evelyn is enthusiastic and passionate about her work as an assistant and, of course, the work to be done at the Institute. In her own words: “I desire to work for an organization that provides an important service to society. Global CCS Institute affords me the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest minds in climate change mitigation, while serving the Institute—and ultimately the globe—in a meaningful way.”

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Evelyn Berry


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