Our Team

Our Team

Executive Advisor - Europe

Team: Advocacy, Executive Team
Location: Europe

John Scowcroft joined the Global CCS Institute as General Manager in January 2012 and took up his present post in September 2013. His work centres mainly on the Institute’s role in the international climate negotiations. As of November 2016, he is leading the European team.

Prior to this, John was Head of the Environment and Sustainable Development Policy Unit at Electricity Development Policy Unit at Electricity EURELECTRIC, the association which represents the European electricity industry. In this role, John was responsible for all aspects of environmental and sustainable development policy, in particular for global and European climate policy.

John has followed climate change issues since COP 1 and is currently the Business and Industry representative on the UNFCCC’s TEC Task on Emerging and Cross Cutting Issues.

John graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Liverpool.

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John Scowcroft


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