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Our Team

Business Operations Administrator Americas

Team: Business Operations
Location: Americas

Keisha joined the Global CCS Institute on April 2023 and is the Business Operations Administrator Americas for DC, USA. Providing administrative support to her colleagues and assisting tasks for the business services department in IT, Finance, HR, and Payroll.

Prior to joining the institute, Keisha was an administrative professional who has worked in the administrative field for over 17+ years and worked as an Executive Administrative Assistant with a Maryland based company for almost 11 years.  Keisha had the pleasure and expertise to work as a Surveillance Technical Agent for the FBI specializing in Counter Terrorism. Her skillset and background with dealing with the community has been an integral part of her career.

Keisha has completed an internship in which she studied Social and Clinical Psychology, she’s also completed a course on The Levels of Customer Service and Client Relations. These field of studies will allow Keisha to assist and work diligently with her colleagues as well as client relations customers.

Keisha has a certificate in Business Communications from Prince George’s College, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

Keisha has also worked during the Covid outbreak, as a high school teacher and has homeschooled several young adults that have graduated from her teaching and mentoring program in 2020.

Recently, she has been awarded and received the State of Maryland mentoring award for her dedicated service in mentoring young adults in her region. Keisha has been accredited for outstanding contributions as well as awarded for her phenomenal service she’s brought to her home school students, that has allowed them to graduate with honors due to her outstanding teaching methods.

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Keisha Jones


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