Client Testimonials

Bob Cook

Bridgeport Energy Ltd

Bridgeport Energy is a business which expects to have a significant CO2 exposure in the foreseeable future. This represents an opportunity for Bridgeport and also a first for Australia but does give rise to a number of issues. We approached the Global CCS Institute with one of those issues namely the identification and understanding of local and international attitudes to CO2 employed in enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) operations as a greenhouse gas abatement technology.

The Global CCS team delivered a concise assessment of current local and international views and also where the oil industry stands both here and overseas on the matter. The study provided recommended steps that could be taken for CO2-EOR to be formally recognised by the Australian Federal Government as a greenhouse gas abatement technology.

The Institute’s global connections were key to the timely success of this project. I commend the Global CCS Institute Consultancy and the professionalism and expertise of the team who contributed to the study. I look forward to working with them in the future to advance the study’s recommendations.

Watara Matsumura

Director, Global Environment Partnership Office, Industrial Science & Technology Policy & Environment Bureau Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan (METI)

The Institute provides consultancy services of the highest quality. It leverages its existing knowledge and competency base to deliver expert and cost-effective analysis. In late 2017, the Global CCS Institute completed a conceptual study of potential business models for the utilisation of Victorian brown coal with CCS for METI.

The study investigated the production of clean hydrogen, and the upgrading and export of Victorian brown coal to India for power and production with carbon capture and enhanced oil recovery. The insightful report met all of METI’s expectations. METI will continue to consider the consultancy services of the Institute as one of the most important option for the analysis on CCS.


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