The Global Status of CCS: 2014

The Global CCS Institute is pleased to announce the release of our Global Status of CCS: 2014 report.

The report provides a detailed overview of the current status of CCS projects worldwide, finding that 2014 has been a pivotal year for CCS which is now a reality in the power industry.

For the first time, the report introduces and provides links to project descriptions for around 40 lesser scale ‘notable’ CCS projects. The 2014 report focuses on a number of ‘notable’ projects in Japan.

The Global Status of CCS: 2014 report provides a comprehensive overview of global and regional developments in CCS and what is required to support global climate mitigation efforts.

Providing a number of key recommendations for decision makers, The Global Status of CCS: 2014 report is an important reference guide for industry, government, research bodies and the broader community.

A summary of the Global Status of CCS: 2014 is also available.

Image courtesy of Boundary Dam Project provided by, and property of, SaskPower.


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The full report is available in PDF, HTML and ebook formats. The full report is also now available in Chinese and Korean.


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Key information including charts.

Report launch in Abu Dhabi

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Summary report is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


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