Energy Security and Prosperity in Australia: A roadmap for carbon capture and storage

On 15 February, a Roadmap titled for Energy Security and Prosperity in Australia: A roadmap for carbon capture and storage was released. The ACCS Roadmap contains analysis and recommendations for policy makers and industry on much needed efforts to ensure CCS deployment in Australia.

This presentation focused on the critical role CCS can play in Australia’s economic prosperity and energy security. To remain within its carbon budget, Australia must accelerate the deployment of CCS. Couple with this, only CCS can ensure energy security for the power sector and high-emissions industries whilst maintain the the vital role the energy sector plays in the Australian economy.

The webinar also detailed what is required to get Australia ready for widespread commercial deployment of CCS through specific set of phases, known as horizons in strategic areas including storage characterisation, legal and regulatory frameworks and public engagement and awareness.

The Roadmap serves as an important focal point for stakeholders advocating for CCS in Australia, and will provide a platform for further work feeding into the Australian Government’s review of climate policy in 2017 and beyond.

It is authored by the University of Queensland and Gamma Energy Technology, and was overseen by a steering committee comprising the Commonwealth Government, NSW Government, CSIRO, CO2CRC Limited, ACALET - COAL21 Fund and ANLEC R&D.

This webinar was presented by Professor Chris Greig, from The University of Queensland.

Here is a recording of the webinar and a browsable version of the slides used in the presentation: