UNFCCC's latest climate change meeting: implications for CCS

Thursday, 27 June 2013
UNFCCC Bonn 2013

UNFCCC meeting in Bonn, Germany,
June 2013

This month, the Global CCS Institute attended the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) subsidiary body meetings in Bonn, Germany. As a registered observer, the Institute monitors, interprets and reports on negotiations in relation to carbon capture and storage (CCS). The Institute also advocates the merits of including CCS in the UNFCCC's evolving architecture and its mitigation importance to international decision makers. 

While CCS is formally cited in the Convention, and it has been negotiated within the context of the Clean Development Mechanism for the past six years, this meeting was the first time CCS was openly discussed within a formal plenary session on an equal footing with renewable energy and energy efficiency, and universally recognised by parties for its critical role in delivering on UNFCCC’s global emissions reduction aim.

UNFCCC developments are of fundamental importance to the future success of CCS as they give effect to a range of international market mechanisms, funding arrangements and shared expertise considered essential for the mobilisation of the resources required to deploy CCS, especially in developing countries.

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