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Insights and Commentaries

CO2 transport systems development status of three large-scale European CCS demonstration projects with EEPR funding

15th February 2015

Topic(s): CO2 capture, CO2 storage, CO2 transport


The European CCS Demonstration Project Network was pleased to present the webinar “CO2 transport systems development status of three large-scale European CCS demonstration projects with EEPR funding” on Thursday, 26 February 2014. This webinar, presented by Jens Hetland, PhD, addressed technical and operational aspects pertaining to the transport of CO2 in Europe. It covered lessons learnt from the development of three large-scale CCS demonstration projects: the UK-based Don Valley project, the Dutch ROAD project, and the Spanish Compostilla project. These projects have been members of the European CCS Demonstration project Network since its establishment by the European Commission in 2009, when they were all selected by the European Commission to receive funding under the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR).

The purpose of the projects is to verify feasible capture techniques and to demonstrate geological storage options. As the distance and elevation of the CO2 transport system are inherently given by the project, the transport conditions for the CO2 will generally differ from one project to another.

The demonstration projects have shown that the thermophysical nature of CO2 is prone to complicate certain operational procedures mainly due to phenomena like phase change, hydrate formation and Joule-Thomson cooling. The front-end engineering design studies suggest, however, that the handling of CO2 is quite feasible during normal operation, although customised solutions may be required to handle transients like emergency shut-down and pipeline re-pressurisation. This implies that CO2 transport is not seen as an insuperable hurdle to the design and operation of large-scale CCS systems.

Here is a recording of the webinar and a browsable version of the slides used in the presentation:

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