Introducing CO2RE: The world’s first global CCS intelligence database

20th February 2019

The launch of the CO2RE CCS Intelligence Database represents a significant evolution of the Global CCS Institute’s vast CCS knowledge and data repository. CO2RE is the world’s first global CCS intelligence database. It puts core information on CCS at your fingertips, and will rapidly become the pre-eminent choice for CCS information, due to its capacity to provide:

  1. A unified experience for Global CCS Institute Members
  2. Unrivalled knowledge of all aspects of CCS
  3. Unique insights into global and country-specific data
  4. Analysis to rapidly track and monitor the global development and deployment of CCS.

CO2RE is a complete knowledge management resource that organises, maintains, and makes accessible all key information and data related to the global deployment of CCS. CO2RE delivers an unparalleled resource, empowering our Members to make informed business decisions working towards accelerating the deployment of CCS as a vital climate change mitigation technology.

Here is a summary of what is available within the CO2RE database across three key areas: advocacy, analysis and knowledge.


The Institute is foremost about CCS advocacy; promoting CCS as a critical low emissions technology and we are committed to ensuring that CO2RE plays a crucial role in achieving this.

The publicly available CO2RE website provides information demonstrating that CCS is needed, it is happening, and it is ready for wide-scale deployment. The public can view CCS facilities, climate change data and the high-level results of the CCS Readiness Index that highlights nation’s progress towards CCS deployment.

We have enhanced our old Facilities Database, so it now hosts detailed information on any operation that uses CCS technology. We don’t just give the name and a location of facilities, we also provide information on the facility’s history, capture technology and storage formation – this is, however, only a snapshot of the actual amount of data for each facility available to our Members, as explained further by Global CCS Institute’s Advisor - CCS Projects, Harry Liu:

“The Facilities Database within CO2RE is where the true breadth of knowledge and detail lies. Over four decades of data and information is captured in this one section. Any CO2RE user can rapidly identify all CCS activity in a single country from large-scale facilities through to test sites or even CO2 utilisation projects”.

[caption id="attachment_8258" align="alignnone" width="801"] CCS Facilities data and information available in CO2RE (public view)[/caption]


The Global CCS Institute’s CCS Readiness Index is one of our premier publications. Through CO2RE, the analysis behind the Index is now readily available to our Members.

Our four Indicator Reports offer a detailed examination and assessment of:

  1. National legal and regulatory frameworks
  2. Climate change and CCS-specific policies
  3. Storage resource development
  4. Inherent CCS interest.

The Indicators collectively form the CCS Readiness Index, which assesses a country’s CCS activity and identifies those nations that are ready for CCS deployment. The four Indicators and Readiness Index can also provide data to those nations seeking to improve the development or deployment of CCS in their country.

“The Institute’s CCS Readiness Index can help Members identify those nations that are creating an enabling environment for the commercial deployment of CCS,” said Alex Zapantis, General Manager – Commercial.

[caption id="attachment_8257" align="alignleft" width="801"] An example of the data and information available in the CO2RE Climate Change section (public view)[/caption]



“The list of CCS laws and regulations identified in each country number in the hundreds, but now they can be easily found in one place” Ian Havercroft Senior Consultant – Legal and Regulatory.

CO2RE is knowledge and, as the saying goes, knowledge is power. The amount of information available in CO2RE is too large to detail, but there are four notable areas:

  1. Policies: a comprehensive list of climate change and CCS-specific policies
  2. Law: a comprehensive list of laws and country summaries that impact CCS deployment
  3. CO2 storage: summary of storage resources and the maturity of those resources, as well as a list of prospective basins for CO2
  4. Climate Change: a single site that contains emissions of the world, including breakdown per country and sector. Also hosting the UNFCCC pledges and emission reduction goals for over 50 countries.

“The Storage Resources Database within CO2RE provides a valuable advocacy resource. It clearly shows that there are substantial storage resources around the world to facilitate CCS deployment at the scale required to radically reduce emissions and mitigate climate change” Chris Consoli, Senior Consultant – Storage.

What’s next?

It is clear that CO2RE represents one of the most valuable Member resources we have ever developed. We are incredibly excited to present our Members this database of unique CCS data, knowledge and information. More importantly, we are excited to see what amazing things our Members do with CO2RE and how it can help you, and your organisation, accelerate the global deployment of CCS.

Reliable data, analysis and knowledge on CCS are vital to understanding how the technology can reduce emissions, deliver Paris climate change targets and create new energy economies.

That repository of intelligence is now available, and it is called CO2RE.

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