Insights and Commentaries

Insights and Commentaries

Development of an aqueous ammonia-based post-combustion capture technology for Australian conditions

16th October 2016

Topic(s): CO2 capture

To highlight the research and achievements of Australian researchers, the Global CCS Institute with ANLEC R&D will hold a series of webinars throughout 2016. Each webinar highlights a specific ANLEC R&D research project and the relevant report found on the Institute’s website. The fifth webinar of the series looked at the development of an aqueous ammonia-based post-combustion capture technology for Australian conditions.

CSIRO has been developing aqueous ammonia (NH3)-based post-combustion CO2 capture (PCC) technology for its application under Australian conditions since 2008. Previous pilot-plant trials at Delta Electricity’s Munmorah Power Station demonstrated the technical feasibility of the process and confirmed some of the expected benefits. With further support from the Australian Government and ANLEC R&D, CSIRO has worked closely with universities in Australia and China to develop an advanced aqueous NH3-based CO2 capture technology. The advanced technology incorporates a number of innovative features which significantly improve its economic feasibility. This webinar presented the advancements made from a recently completed project funded by ANLEC R&D, and was presented by Dr Hai Yu and Dr Kangkang Li from CSIRO Energy.

Here is a recording of the webinar and a browsable version of the slides used in the presentation:

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