Insights and Commentaries

Insights and Commentaries

The South West Hub Project: Developing a project in unconventional geology

16th October 2016

Topic(s): Carbon capture, Engineering and project delivery, use and storage (CCUS)

The WA Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has been investigating the Lesueur Formation on-shore South West of Western Australia.
The South West Hub project has been acquiring field data between 2011 and 2015 involving 2D and 3D seismic and four wells. The third generation of modelling has just been concluded.
This webinar provided an opportunity to understand how a project goes about establishing confidence in storage based on migration assisted trapping (MAT) in unconfined saline aquifers. The injection reservoir is heterogeneous and over 1,500 m thick with varying permeability layers that should support residual and solubility trapping for primary containment.
To assist the understanding of the challenges faced in characterising this ’unconventional’ play, Dominique Van Gent, the Coordinator of Carbon Strategy in the Department of Mines and Petroleum, and Sandeep Sharma, the Technical Advisor to the project, presented on the findings including:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Static modelling
  • The results of dynamic modelling
  • Challenges for the future

Here is a recording of the webinar and a browsable version of the slides used in the presentation:

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