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Australian Government releases Low Emissions Technology Statement as part of Technology Investment Roadmap

22nd September 2020

Topic(s): Australia, CCS Policy

Today, Australian Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor released the Government’s first Low Emissions Technology Statement, the first milestone in Australia’s Technology Investment Roadmap.

View the Low Emissions Technology Statement

The Statement outlines five priority technologies and economic stretch goals to make new technologies as cost-effective as existing technologies. These are:

  • Hydrogen production under $2 per kilogram.
  • Long duration energy storage (6-8 hours or more) dispatched at less than $100 per MWh – this will enable reliable, firmed wind and solar at prices around the average wholesale electricity price of today.
  • Low carbon materials – low emissions steel production under $900 per tonne, low emissions aluminium under $2,700 per tonne.
  • CCS – CO₂ compression, hub transport, and storage under $20 per tonne of CO₂.
  • Soil carbon measurement under $3 per hectare per year – a 90% reduction from today’s measurement costs and would transform the economics of soil carbon projects for Australian farmers.

Read Minister Taylor's Full Statement 

Read our Media Release on the announcement

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