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EU Commission Releases Hydrogen Strategy, Renews Green Deal Commitments

8th July 2020

Hydrogen will be a key component in Europe’s transition towards a low-carbon economy, according to a new strategy released by the European Commission. The EU Hydrogen Strategy incorporates hydrogen in its efforts to further decarbonise the region and develop a cleaner energy mix. As one of the initiatives under the European Green Deal, the newly released Hydrogen Strategy establishes a road map for reducing the EU economy’s carbon emissions through a hydrogen ecosystem. The plan will contribute to Europe’s goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Concurrently, The Commission published an EU Energy Sector Integration Strategy, which is also part of commitments outlined in the Green Deal. The Energy Sector Integration Strategy puts forward a strategic vision to connect Europe’s energy system and exploits the synergies enabled by an integrated energy system.

You can find the European Commission’s release on the Hydrogen Strategy and the Energy Sector Integration Strategy here

To read the EU Hydrogen Strategy, visit the European Commission’s website here.

To read the Energy Sector Integration Strategy, visit the European Commission's website here

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